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Welcome to The Tarzan Fanon Wikia! On this wiki you can write fanon stories and create OCs from the Disney movie Tarzan.


The Tarzan Fanon Wiki's admins are:


All these rules MUST be followed

1. No saying "This story sucks!", "Take it down now!", "Terrible grammar!" No! None of that. You may have an opinion but users have a thing called Feelings and you will receive a warning and possible punishment from an admin if it continues.

2. No Cyber-bullying/harassing other users and anons. This type of behavior will NOT be tolerated at all. This can hurt or upset someone and if you ever get bullied tell an admin and a close friend or someone you trust.

3. No editing other pages without permission! (E.G. Editing a story that's not yours or editing another user's OC page).

4. Don't just contribute to get badges and be on top of the leaderboard. This wiki is all about being creative and having a great time.

5. Don't be rude or disrespectful on chat or else your kicked and banned if necessary by either a mod or an admin.

6. If your banned from chat or the wiki DO NOT come back with another account.

7. No complaining or ranting about not being a mod or an admin! Me and the other admins will choose and decide who becomes one.

8. No copying other user's OCs. If the personality and appearance is very similar...the page will be taken down and don't use excuses "I didn't see his/her page" or "my character was here first!"

9. If you ask for an Art Trade or a request please be patient and don't bug the person who's doing the drawing (they have lifes outside of the wiki and there probably busy with school or work).

10. Please don't constantly ask to rp on chat. If nobody answered then their either busy or in the middle of a conversation.

11. No killing any of the characters from the movie or anyone else's character (if I see any of this in your story it will be taken down).

12. Absolutely no tracing or copying other people's artwork! Users worked really hard on their drawings and they'd appreciate it if you don't copy their stuff. Any artwork that has been traced and etc will be deleted.

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